Write a Love Letter to Your Inner Child

Write a love letter to your inner child, to that part of you that is young, playful, innocent and vulnerable. That part of you who you need to be listening to, who you need to be on good terms with so that you can feel spontaneous, alive and creative!

Click here for Letter Writing: https://www.tiandayton.com/emotionexplorer/letter-writing

Then: Reverse roles with your INNER CHILD and write a letter back to your grown-up, adult self. Go on, give it a try…..and listen to what your inner child has to say to you!

Click here for Reverse Letter Writing: https://www.tiandayton.com/emotionexplorer/reverse-letter-writing

You alone are enough, you have nothing to prove to anyone.

Maya Angelou

Senior fellow at The Meadows, psychologist, psychodramatist, author Emotional Sobreity,ACoA Trauma Syndrome, Forgiving and Moving On, Huff Post blogger, speaker

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