Getting in Touch With Gratitude

Explore Your Feelings of Gratitude in an Online Process

Gratitude is one of those emotions that research finds again and again is physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. First of all, carrying the feeling of gratitude in our hearts and minds is it’s own reward, it just feels good to be appreciative of all that we have in life, to take stock of the good stuff, to “count our blessings”. And expressing gratitude to others, is like some sort of magic elixir that creates more of it, it grows like yeast in the atmosphere.

But gratitude, like any other feeling is multi-layered. We might have blocks to feeling grateful that bear looking into, maybe we can only feel a little of it because other feelings are in its way and crowd it out.

So here’s an interactive process that will let you refine your own exploration of gratitude, just click on the link below, look for the circle that says gratitude and begin your journey. Take a few minutes out of your busy day to honor your own heart, what better time to do that than on Thanksgiving week. Have fun, enjoy the process and ……

Senior fellow at The Meadows, psychologist, psychodramatist, author Emotional Sobreity,ACoA Trauma Syndrome, Forgiving and Moving On, Huff Post blogger, speaker

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