Current research by the Positive Psychology field has underscored the life-enhancing effect of gratitude. The Gratitude Letter, a letter that we in the addictions field have known a lot about for a long time, is at the top of their list for mood benefits that last up to a month. As a warm-up to or a part of your Thanksgiving and holiday season… Try these two exercises:

Number 1:
here to go to emotion explorer, look for the button that says “grateful” Click it and follow the prompts to explore how gratitude manifests for you.

Number 2:
here and write a letter of gratitude saying “thank you” to someone who has been important to you. Enjoy the season of appreciation!

Gratitude is something worth trying for all sorts of reasons, the main one being that you will feel good when you experience it. I hope that you’ll enjoy these two ways of playing with the feelings surrounding being grateful! Happy Thanksgiving!

Senior fellow at The Meadows, psychologist, psychodramatist, author Emotional Sobreity,ACoA Trauma Syndrome, Forgiving and Moving On, Huff Post blogger, speaker

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